I started this project with just one word, “flowers.” I then spent the remainder of the semester working through researching and ideating for my proposal using numerous methods including: conducting interviews with professional floral designers, creating hunt and insight statements, uncovering issues and problems around the topic to address, and more. Through these processes I discovered that there is a general of Floral Design as a “hobby,” rather than a uniquely complicated and skillful type of artistic expression. I then began to construct a proposal that would not only make flowers available to people with-in their own home but to also elevate the professional designers who work with this living media everyday.

It was through this process, that my project, “anthophilous,” was created.

The word “anthophilous” has roots in the Greek language with ánthos meaning “flower” and phílos meaning “friendly, friend, dear.” It is an adjective that is used to describe someone as being attracted to, or living among, the flowers. Through anthophilous my goal was just that, to allow everyone a chance to experience the joy of having fresh flowers in their home all year long! Anthophilous is a subscription box company that brings everything you need to make fresh flower arrangements right to your door along with educational materials, special gifts and offers for from local growers and florists.

Each box is uniquely curated according to natural growing seasons to allow all of the blooms to be sourced within the United States. With the company being based with in the Chicago-land area each arrangement even includes a natively growing bloom from Illinois 5b growing zone.

In addition, Anthophilous also partners with local florist and growers to promote the skills within the industry as well as to help foster your love for the trade. Each subscriber is given a partner’s card, in which they are able to receive discounts on flowers, supplies, classes, workshops and more.

How it works

Ordering To ensure that our customers receive the best blooms our boxes ship out in the middle of every month! This means that once you have completed your oder and it has been processed you will receive your anthophilous box sometime in the middle of the following month.

Shipping What shipping? Each of your boxes leaves our studio in our very own delivery trucks and are hand delivered right to your front door! This ensures the safety and freshness of your blooms with the added bonus of no extra changes to you for shipping!

Arranging Inside each of our boxes you will find step-by-step instructions that will walk you through how to prep, arrange and care for your flowers. Everything you need to create your own living masterpiece is included! We also include an informational booklet with details about each flower you receive highlighting one native flower each month with a special take-away.

Beyond Anthophilous is proud to partner with several Chicago-land growers and florist to help foster your love for the trade. Each box includes our exclusive partnership card that can be redeemed with any of our partnering businesses for discounts on blooms, workshops, supplies and more!

With such an extensive project came quite a bit of process and quite a few final pieces including: branding, print, packaging and web and more. The following are just a handful of images taken throughout my project process.img_8092screen-shot-2018-05-01-at-5-00-33-pmscreen-shot-2018-05-01-at-12-17-27-amscreen-shot-2018-05-01-at-12-21-31-amscreen-shot-2018-05-01-at-12-20-12-amscreen-shot-2018-05-01-at-12-22-29-amAfter experimenting with a few different branding directions I was encouraged to keep pushing forward and find a way to incorporate live flowers into my logo. I was inspired by lettering I had seen with a similar laser cut method and decided to experiment with the concept for my own branding.img_9225img_7760-2

By laser cutting a stencil font into a large piece of illustration board I was able to lay the physical board over-top of the flowers I arranged in the wet foam and take photographs of it all together. This allowed me to pull some of the petals and greens outside the boundaries of the letters, giving it personality and a life of its own.

I wanted my final logo and accompanying brand to be crisp, clean, and elegant while still being fun, lively and approachable. I wanted Anthophilous customers to feel they were opening a gift, something that made them feel loved and important. The following are images of my final branding and print materials.antophilous-logoimg_9951img_9975

I also created a website in which customers could purchase subscriptions, learn more about the company and view partnering local businesses. The website is linked below.

Finally, below are images of my exhibition space that I designed, created, and installed at Judson University.img_8483-2img_8484img_8561img_8501img_8504