The following are the products of weekly workshops during my Typeography II course during my senior year at Judson University.  Workshopping, for me, presented itself with a unique challenge. The pressure to create with very loose limitations was intimidating at first, because I love the structure, the puzzles design presents itself with and the way it feels when you hit the sweet spot with a solution!  I enjoy the problem solving it takes to get from point A to point B, from nowhere to something beautiful, so creating in a workshop environment was something that I never thought would be my forte.

As the year progressed though, the prompts we were given began to spark ideas! I discovered that by creating whole alphabets I was able to focus more on each letter form rather than overthinking a clever phrase or word to write out. After getting my momentum I began creating and was excited about simply creating to create, as well as getting to add a new alphabet to my collection every week.


Food Typography Sweet, sweet type. Appealing to everyones sweettooth with an alphabet made of decorative vanilla frosting topped with the classic colorful “jimmy’s” sprinkles.img_7590img_7598img_7610





Environmental An alphabet created entirely of daisy flowers including the center pistal, the petals and even the leaves themselves.img_9556





Liquid No paintbrush, no problem. Squited paint creating a multi-colored and three-dimenssional alphabet.img_7623img_7619





Letterpress I took a different approach from the tradition use for letterpress type with this alphabet. Rather than inking and pressing the letters onto paper I wanted to use the letterforms as molds or inkless stamps to press into playdo. With rounded, irregular shapes and letterforms from mixed typefaces the alphabet retains a playful and quirky spirit. img_9281img_9313img_9284


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