This brochure was created to fulfill a school assignment in my Advanced Graphic Design course during the fall of 2016. We were asked to dream up a product for the future and to then create a brochure advertisement for our product. I created the EVA Filter Bottle. My bottle is designed to collect water from the air around it, filter it, and collect the water in a bottle for drinking (with an option to fill and filter as well.) The EVA company would also have larger water collection and filtering systems for use in a home or office setting. Proceeds from the sales of all EVA products would then go towards fusing EVA Drums in communities that lack the resources to gather fresh water.

For the brochure I chose a more illustrative and playful route to promote the friendliness and approachability of the brand. The simple hand drawn illustrations, interactive cutouts and pointed feature call-outs make it easy for a potential customer to understand and visualize the EVA brand and all it can do for the user and for those in need.eva_4screen-shot-2018-08-23-at-8-05-41-pmscreen-shot-2018-08-23-at-8-28-11-pm




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