During the summer of 2017 I had the privilege of working as a Graphic Design intern for Ritual, a woman’s daily vitamin and habit company located in West Hollywood, California. During my time at Ritual I worked under the supervision of Creative Director Michelle Mattar on a range of projects in different areas of design including layout, illustration, packaging, and print.

These illustrations were created as part of an email series that addressed and set right five commonly believed myths about daily vitamins. I was given style inspiration and the five myths and from there created sketches from which Michelle and I created final directions for me to move in, developed a color pallet, and refined my style. The following are the final illusions with the myths they helped address, along with the emails they were featured in.

*I only made minor layout adjustments to the email templates I was given.



More is betterscreen-shot-2017-07-17-at-3-35-07-pm



Food-based ingredients are always the best.screen-shot-2017-07-17-at-3-34-06-pmrit-vitaminmyths-2


I eat a really healthy diet, so I don’t need anything extra.screen-shot-2017-07-17-at-3-34-46-pmrit-vitaminmyths-5


It doesn’t matter what form a vitamin is in, they all work the same in the body.screen-shot-2017-07-17-at-3-35-38-pm


Big dosages of nutrients in your vitamins can’t hurt you; you’ll just pee it out.screen-shot-2018-01-04-at-9-56-18-amrit-vitaminmyths-4


Creative Direction: Michelle Mattar

Copywriter: Annie Moberg

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