I helped to design this promotional booklet for Judson University’s Art + Design Department along with fellow students Paulina Barton and Hauen Lee.

When I inherited the project I was tasked with sourcing addition photographs, layout configuration, re-thinking the color palette, content edits and prepping the file for print. This was a very large project with not only a lot of content but purpose and intention behind it. As a small team of faculty and students we worked to ensure that we were putting our departments best foot forward and showcasing what Judson’s art and design programs have to offer.

This has been one of the hardest and most rewarding projects I have worked on. It taught me so much about working on a team with other creative voices, designing outside of the classroom, and striving for excellence in design.

img_9137 screen-shot-2018-08-13-at-6-56-15-pm


This project was completed as part of the larger branding of Judson University’s Art + Design Department under the supervision and creative direction of Jeffery Carl (Department Chair), Anna Filbert (former Professor of Graphic Design), and Laurie Culshaw (Professor of Graphic Design.)

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